Friday, May 31, 2013

My Sunshine

One of the things that has been a little surprising in moving to Phoenix has been the weather.  I mean, I knew it would be hot, which it is, but I didn't realize how sunny it is literally everyday! We've been here almost a month now (crazy!) and I have seen only ONE overcast day.  It is beautiful here!! (However, after all the rainy Instagram posts from my Utah friends lately, I must admit I would love a rainy day or two! Grass is always greener, right? :)

With all the gorgeous sunshine that we're experiencing, I thought I'd start to share a few of my everyday "sunny moments" that I've had.

I don't know how we've accumulated so much stuff over our 7 years of marriage, but moving it all across state is no piece of cake. I must have had a lot of prayers coming our way because having having the kids be such excellent travelers was definitely one of my sunny moments! I was so nervous to drive a total of 13 hours by myself (Sky was in the U-haul) with both kids in the back and not being able to reach back there to help or grab something without stopping the little caravan. 

I've been trying to get out and find some fun, affordable things to do here and it turns out they have an AMAZING library system! Finding our local library: definitely a moment of sunshine! In addition to the great selection of books and fun kids' decor, they have this incredible selection of DVDs (bye-bye Redbox!) and so many fun, free programs as well. Loving it!

Being in this limbo land while house hunting has been different to say the least.  I would be lying if I said we weren't eating out a lot more than we'd like. I have to count eating out as a sunny moment though, it's allowed for some cute moments like this one, and kept my sanity intact! Win-win? :)

There are quite a few local farms in the area and we were able to visit the annual Peach Festival! A petting zoo that Selma loved, check. Callen's first roller coaster, check. Spending some awesome, quality time with family, check.  Another moment of sunshine in the past month, check.

Even though our apartment pool has a crowd of "regulars" that party a little more than we would like, having Sky home late afternoon to accompany us to the pool has been so great! We are loving the pool weather!

We made friends!  I know, surprising right?! :) It has seriously been such a blessing having friends just a couple doors down.  We've had game nights, dinner together, play dates and even swapped babysitting last weekend.  So grateful to have friends that we met the first night we moved in and just clicked with, it eases the pain of missing our family and friends back home just a tad!

Finding cute pictures on my phone, definite moments of sunshine this month.  These are just 3 of the probably 40 I found that night.  Love her!

This past month, I've been especially grateful that Sky's laid-back side has come out a little more in the kids. Lunches have gotten a bit creative sometimes, this day it was chips and salsa.  Yep, total mother of the year. (Salsa is a veggie right?)  

Oh my missionary siblings, how I love thee! (And miss you like CRAZY!) One of my favorite sunshine-y moments was Facetime-ing my fam at home while they were Skype-ing Jake in Russia on Mothers' Day. Isn't technology awesome?!

The night this was taken was such a funny night! Mr. Callen learned how to climb out of his pack and play and, oh boy, did he think it was hilarious! It was seriously too cute hearing him laughing hysterically with his little throaty chortle to get frustrated.  That is, until the fifteenth time of him running out of his room ;)  Selma got moved to our bed to help him go to sleep without an added "distraction" and when we went to move her back to her bed after she'd fallen asleep, we found her with one of my scarves draped across her little head topped with a Burger King crown. Oh they are too cute! Love my little sun-spots!

 A definite ray of sunshine that I cannot go without mentioning is Sky's new job.  They have been a phenomenal company to work for and I love that he loves what he's doing (obviously, judging by the picture below of him and one of his coworkers).  It has made this big move a lot easier knowing that, and we are all loving seeing more of each other!

And I know some already saw this on Instragram, but do I need to say anything more? So smart!

So what are some of your sunshine-y moments as of late?  Do share! :)
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